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Project Description

A simple and light Silverlight framework for creating managed code splash screens, preloaders and loader projects.
The framework is written in managed code (C#).


One of the strongest features of silverlight is the ability to write complex applications, that will run on most browsers and be portable across different operating systems, in managed code.

The current built in Silverlight mechanism to write a Splash screen/ pre loader in Silverlight requires you to dirty your hands in non managed code (JavaScript) and be subjected to some other limitations. Writing non managed code can be both time consuming and harder to maintain.

This is where the Silverlight loader project comes in. Silverlight loader is a simple, light, managed code framework that can easily be added to any Silverlight project in order to create managed code splash screens, pre loaders, loaders etc.

Features & Highlights

- Simplifies creating Silverlight splash screens, preloaders and loaders.

- Written in C# managed code (no need to use JavaScript code).

- Visual studio project template that creates a skeleton loader project automatically.

- Supports loading both self hosted and Silverlight streaming hosted applications and resources.

- Supports simulated download speed with max KB to help debug and test loaders.

- Small footprint, the framework alone is around 10K in size. Simple loaders can be less then 12K in size.

- Simple integration into existing silverlight projects - You can either include a single code file in your project or use the project template.

Demos and Examples

- Silverlight girl woman portrait demo:

- Demo based on Nikola's Silverlight Splash Screen Concept :

- Simple multiple sources demo:

- A live splash screen example by Silverlight girl on a Silverlight games website (note the text moving across the screen before the main application is loaded):


How the Silverlight loader works

Getting Started Guide

Class Diagram

Silverlight Loader Forum

Future enhancement ideas

- Add an optional caching mechanism, connect to caching framework


Below are some useful information resources that helped build the Silverlight loader.

Microsoft's official splash screen material:

Handling Microsoft Streaming Uri's:

Managed code loaders:

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